Original  Scientific Papers


Consultant led peer assisted learning model (Accepted manuscript ID TCT-2018-0097:Clinical Teacher)

Yoong A, Mukundu N, Rye D, Devaraj VS

34. Hand Trauma Service at a DGH. Challenges of meeting the BSSH 2007 Hand Trauma Standards

Izadi D, Barrie A, Williams K, Devaraj V, Watts A, Wallace C

Abstract publication in European J of Hand Surgery (Eur) 2018 Apr 43(Supplement 1); S14


33. The mermaid procedure for a complex hand anomaly

Chan W, Moonesamy V, Devaraj VS

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32. Osteoarthritis after cold injuries

Chan W, Moonesamy V, Devaraj VS

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31. "Don't slip up! A modified technique for assessing central slip injuries"

Vermaak P, Devaraj VS

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30.  Finding the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh

Ahmed Z, Devaraj VS, Conn DA

J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg (2011) Apr 30 (E pub ahead of print) in press DOI:10.1016/j.bjps.2011.03.018


29.  Traumatic sciatic nerve palsy after gluteal injections 

Bramhall RJ and Devaraj VS  

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28. Use of short-acting local anaesthetics in hand surgery patients

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27. The accuracy of ultrasound in evaluating closed flexor tendon ruptures

Gilleard O, Silver D, Ahmed Z, Devaraj VS

Eur J Plast Surg DOI 10.1007/s00238-009-0378-8. Published online 7 January 2010


26. Surgical tip: simple technique for harvesting split thickness skin grafts from degloved skin

Dickson JK, Mills C, Devaraj VS

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25. Use of the A3 pulley as an interposition flap to cover periosteal defects

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24. Penetrating injury from laminated glass - a trap for the unwary

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20. Neurotized free muscle flaps can produce MRI changes mimicking tumour recurrence

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19. Biphasic solitary fibrous tumour: a report of two cases with epitheloid features

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Wilson S, Devaraj VS, Gardner-Thorpe C

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13Healing at skin graft donor sites dressed with chitosan

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12. How to draw the ellipse of skin for a mastectomy

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11. Reducing non-attendance at out-patient clinics

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2. Vascularised reconstruction of the clavicle

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1. Intramuscular metastatic melanoma with an unknown primary

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Book Chapters

The Oxford Textbook of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (OUP 2018 in press), plus eBook format and online content. Chapter: "Soft tissue swellings of the hand and upper limb" . Author V.S Devaraj 


The role of small joint arthroplasty in osteoarthritis of the hand

In: The Evidence for Plastic Surgery (Ed:  Stone CA) 2008  pp 205 - 223

Onur Gilleard & VS Devaraj




Book Reviews

Devaraj VS:

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