Consultation and Fees

The Consultation

During your initial consultation with Prof Devaraj, your expectations and concerns will be discussed. Your relevant past medical history, medications and allergies will be covered. There will be a clinical examination which involves looking at the area of the body to be treated.

The consultation usually lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and follows a general blueprint:

·      What do you want to change?

·      What are the options (surgical/non-surgical)?

·      In some instances, tests (i.e. mammograms, x-rays, nerve conduction studies) will be required.

·      Timing will be discussed.

·      Risks and consequences will be outlined.

·      General complications of any operation and complications specific to individual procedures will be explained.

·      Information about the anaesthetic will be given.

·      Additional advice about garments to reduce swelling/bruising, will be recommended.

·      Photographs may be taken by your surgeon for clinical records and as part of the consultation process. Photographs of typical results will be shown to you.

·      A check list of topics discussed in our initial consultation (this is mainly relevant to cosmetic consults) will be shared with you.

·      The cost implications of any procedure (and possible subsequent treatment) will be outlined.

·      You may be given an information fact sheet or booklet (produced by BAAPS or the Nuffield Health hospital).

·      If appropriate, counselling may be offered.

Generally, you will be advised to think things through and reflect on the issues discussed during your consultation. Your surgeon may offer you a second consultation (free of charge for cosmetic procedures) to clarify any further issues.



Some patients will have health insurance and when appropriate, will be given codes for surgery, required by the insurance company. It is the patients’ responsibility to ensure that their policy will cover the cost of the proposed procedure.

For patients who do not have health insurance or for procedures that are not covered by health insurance (i.e. cosmetic surgery), patients will be informed of the projected costs.

The cost for cosmetic or self-funded procedures generally comprises of charges for the hospital stay, the anaesthetic fee, dressings and drugs, and surgical costs. There is usually a fixed price for specific procedures. This is paid directly to the hospital. The hospital will contact you about payment methods, admission details and preparation for surgery.

If you require more information on any procedure, please call Claire Marks on 01392 262123 or email