London Marathon 2016 - Finished!

A wave to the crowd...

30th April 2016

London Marathon 2016 - Finished!


Running the Virgin London Marathon 2016 for Starlight raised over £6,000 for seriously ill children. Thank you to everyone who supported me in helping to raise funds and who donated so generously.  

On Sunday 24th April 2016 although pretty chilly on Blackheath and Greenwich Park (so wearing 4 layers and gloves with the frilly tutu) I started my first marathon from the last pen (number 9) surrounded by Rhinos, Elvis (with guitar) and an eclair. It went downhill from there geographically  but uphill in enjoyment, laughter and camaraderie with other runners and the supporters for the next 26.2 miles. I loved every minute and appreciate all the good wishes and support you gave me. Friends, family, colleagues, patients and everyone who just wanted to help me get throught it! 

I completed it in 4h 27mins

There have been at least 4 different and spectacular cake sales and some magical muffins! 

It is my first endurance event and almost vanishes into the mist compared with Eddie Izzard and his 27 in 27 days and the 401 marathons being run but hey you have to start somewhere...  

 So once again THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME. Until the next time... !