4th November 2018

Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy 2018

Having entered medical school in 1977, I went  back to being a student nearly 40 years later! 

As a doctor and teacher I felt studying for a degree in Clinical Education  would help me in my various roles as an educator.  There were a number of learning modules which included researching clinical education, curriculum design and evaluation, principles of feedback and mentoring, principles of assessment and the teaching practitioner. I thought as a senior doctor I knew much. Doing this degree brought home to me how much has changed  educationally and made me question a number of asumptions I had made. 

Having successfully  completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Education in 2018,  Vikram then applied for and was awarded a Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy which he is delighted about. 

Fitting it all in as ever remains a challenge!