Labioplasty (Labial Reduction)

For some women the labia minora (inner lips) may be naturally enlarged. The labia can also be traumatised or torn during childbirth. Many women can feel embarrassed about the appearance of their inner labia. In this situation, it is possible to alter the size, shape and projection of the labia.

The aim of a labioplasty is to reshape the labia minora (inner lips) so they lie discreetly under the labia majora (outer lips).


The operation and post-op information

The operation is usually performed under general anesthetic as a day case and takes around one hour. Some women are suitable for a local anesthetic. Recovery takes about one week. All sutures are dissolving and any swelling or bruising usually settles after a week.

Click here to read more about labioplasty procedures on the BAPRAS website (scroll down to the section about 'Cosmetic Procedures').